Le Lab by French PASS #01-09

Le Lab is a language and culture learning center in Singapore that specializes in teaching French. It is run by French PASS and is located in a beautifully restored building called Pearl Hill's Terrace, which used to be a police station. Le Lab offers French classes for students and adults of all levels in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. The dedicated teachers ensure an exceptional learning experience and go beyond language instruction to create a vibrant community where people with an interest in French language and culture can connect and engage in conversations. Le Lab is not just a language school; it is a place that promotes freedom, innovation, and a shared passion for French.

At Le Lab, individuals have the opportunity to learn French in a supportive and inspiring environment. The studio's talented teachers and welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal destination for Francophiles. In addition to language classes, Le Lab serves as a hub for creativity and workshops. By transforming the former police station into a space for learning and collaboration, French PASS aims to foster connections and provide a unique experience for those interested in French language and culture. Joining Le Lab allows individuals to conveniently learn French while being part of a supportive community and immersing themselves in a creatively stimulating setting.