Black Crow Taxidermy & Art #01-10

Black Crow Taxidermy & Art is a unique taxidermy studio in Singapore's vibrant Chinatown. Founded by Vivian Tham, a zoologist with a passion for deceased animals, the studio offers a range of taxidermy services. Inside the studio, visitors can admire an intriguing display of preserved animals, such as snake skeletons, goat skulls, and colorful butterflies and beetles adorning the walls. Black Crow Taxidermy & Art provides a distinctive and memorable experience for those interested in the world of taxidermy.

Vivian Tham's fascination with dead animals began in her childhood, inspired by her brother's insect collection. She pursued a career in zoology and transformed her passion into a unique business. Black Crow Taxidermy & Art showcases once-living creatures, now transformed into striking displays. The studio appeals to individuals looking for an unconventional and captivating experience. With its captivating collection and unconventional approach, Black Crow offers a glimpse into the world of taxidermy, making it a truly distinctive destination in Singapore's creative scene.