Singapore Netball Academy #02-37C

Singapore Netball Academy is the first of its kind in Singapore, offering comprehensive training for children aged 5 to 16 in the sport of Netball. The academy is managed by a committed team of experienced coaches who welcome players of all abilities and backgrounds. Their primary focus is not only on teaching the fundamental skills of Netball but also on instilling a passion for the sport and fostering strong friendships among participants. The academy provides a safe environment for individuals with no prior athletic experience to develop coordination, gain athletic knowledge, and build resilience.

The Singapore Netball Academy is dedicated to creating a positive learning experience for young players. Their coaches prioritize the growth and development of each individual, irrespective of their level of expertise. The academy aims to cultivate a love for Netball, ensuring that all participants feel included and supported. By offering a nurturing environment, the academy encourages coordination, athletic growth, and resilience, even among those who are new to the sport or lack previous athletic backgrounds.