Strengths School #02-48D

Strengths School™ is a specialized organization that focuses on developing and enhancing teams within businesses. They understand the challenges faced by teams and are dedicated to assisting in overcoming these obstacles. The core philosophy of Strengths School™ is centered around a Strengths-based approach, which aims to boost individuals' self-worth and engagement, leading to improved productivity and teamwork. They believe that by embracing each person's unique talents and abilities, individuals can excel in three key areas: personal productivity, engagement, and team relationships. Strengths School™ utilizes their proprietary K.A.L.P. Strengths Framework™ to identify and leverage individual strengths, helping individuals discover their true passion and potential in line with Steve Jobs' famous quote that doing great work requires loving what you do.

In summary, Strengths School™ is a specialized team-building organization that emphasizes a Strengths-based approach to enhance the performance of individuals and teams within businesses. They aim to ignite potential by focusing on personal productivity, engagement, and team relationships, using their unique K.A.L.P. Strengths Framework™ to uncover and maximize individual strengths.