Anteiku Studios #02-63

Anteiku Studios, located at #02-56, draws its inspiration from the Tokyo Ghoul manga series. The studio offers a unique selection of items from various youth-led shops, including Erydium's handmade jewelry and Faerydium's fairy-core apparel. Not limited to any specific group or aesthetic, Anteiku Studios features brands like Kim Jones, Comme Des Garcons, and Yohji Yamamoto. Their inventory is regularly updated with new purchases from the United States and Indonesia. In addition to curating these brands, the studio also creates its own reworked pieces, mainly designed by Loy. Tan, one of the co-owners, emphasizes that they are not just selling clothes, but rather sharing their personal aesthetic through the items available in their store, exemplified by their latest creation—a black tank top cut in half and held together with safety pins.

The owners aim to share their personal aesthetic through the items they sell, emphasizing their passion for fashion rather than just selling clothes.