Artcadia #03-03A

Artcadia Studio, co-founded by Steph T and May C, is a creative arts enclave located at 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace in Singapore. Housed in a historic pre-war colonial building that was formerly the Singapore Police HQ, Artcadia Studio promotes well-being through mindful art and positive journaling. They offer a range of workshops including Mindful Art, Positive Journaling, Brush Lettering, Bullet Journaling, Travel Journaling, and Visual Note-Taking. These workshops are available for both corporate and private bookings.

At Artcadia Studio, individuals can immerse themselves in artistic activities that foster mindfulness and enhance well-being. The studio's central location in the transformed heritage building adds to its charm and character. Through their diverse workshops, participants can learn various creative techniques such as brush lettering, bullet journaling, and visual note-taking. These sessions are suitable for both corporate teams seeking team-building activities and individuals interested in private bookings. Artcadia Studio aims to create a nurturing environment where people can explore their artistic side while cultivating positivity and self-reflection through art and journaling.