Syne #03-17

Syne Studio is a unique brand that emerged as a response to the fashion industry. They tackle this challenge by acquiring unwanted and discarded kimonos from Japan and restoring them. By mending these damaged pieces, they revive the cultural heritage passed down over many generations. Syne Studio's dedication to tradition has inspired them to evolve into a brand that actively explores the untapped possibilities of existing and unused materials in the fashion industry. They constantly seek to enhance the latent potential of these materials, resulting in innovative and sustainable fashion creations.

In summary, Syne Studio is a brand that addresses the fashion industry's issues through their creative approach. They start by rescuing neglected kimonos and mending them to preserve their cultural significance. Additionally, the brand passionately strives to unlock the hidden value of underutilized materials from the fashion industry. Through their commitment to tradition and sustainability, Syne Studio offers unique and forward-thinking fashion choices.