Lion Colony #03-37

Lioncolony is a Singapore-based company founded by Oh Jia Hao, specializing in realistic visualizations and captivating 3D loops. Their unique style incorporates vibrant and cheerful colors, creating a memorable sense of happiness and joy. Lioncolony's imagery combines realistic elements with surreal touches, showcasing lifelike products interacting with luxurious 3D elements, fashionable textures, and unconventional color palettes. This results in never-before-seen renders that are truly captivating.

When it comes to 3D renders, Lioncolony takes a multidimensional approach, crafting mesmerizing animation loops that captivate and evoke feelings of happiness. Their work incorporates playful textures, unconventional color schemes, and a touch of ASMR that keeps viewers addicted and wanting more. With over 5 million views on Instagram and collaborations with renowned brands like Gucci, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Axel Arigato, and Floraiku, Lioncolony has gained recognition and trust in the industry. Their breakthrough moment came through partnerships with major brands and having their work featured on popular YouTube video media channels like Buzzfeed and Oddly Satisfying.