The Mori Club #03-42

The MORI CLUB is an undergarment and loungewear brand that was established in 2018 in Singapore. They focus on creating responsibly-made products with a no-frills design approach while prioritizing the well-being of the planet. Their goods are carefully designed in Singapore and manufactured in Bali, Indonesia, following a slow-made process. The brand's commitment to their core ethos is evident in their choice of materials, as they exclusively use Bamboo Spandex, an environmentally-friendly jersey knit material, in their undergarment and loungewear collection.

The MORI CLUB goes beyond just creating sustainable products. They have a give-back project called #MORIKIBBLESCLUB, where a portion of the sales from every MORI item sold is donated to local non-profit animal welfare organizations. Additionally, their production process takes into consideration the welfare of the people involved. The undergarments and loungewear pieces are handcrafted in a small-scale production studio in Bali, where fair wages are provided to the workers, and the production is free from plastic. Furthermore, the brand strives to minimize its environmental impact by using low-impact and natural dyes for their goods, and they employ a preorder system to avoid over-production. The MORI CLUB is dedicated to creating a positive impact on both the planet and its people through their sustainable and mindful practices.