VetMobile #03-50E

VetMobile is a unique mobile veterinary service that was originally conceived as a small idea by Angeline back in 2012. After being forgotten for some time, the idea resurfaced just as Angeline was considering leaving her job and giving up on veterinary work. Inspired by the Batmobile, VetMobile aims to provide high-quality and consistent housecall services to pets, combining Western and Chinese medicine to ensure their well-being and happiness.

In 2018, VetMobile began working at the SPCA's community clinic and was impressed by the supportive and generous nature of the organization. Despite occasional stress within the shelter environment, the team sees themselves as a big family. In 2019, they acquired a bright yellow hatchback as their dedicated vehicle. Continuing to grow, VetMobile welcomed Nurse Mesh and Charmaine to their team in 2022 and even rented an office space. They are committed to improving their services and have a vision of establishing a veterinarian hospice and daycare facility, which is currently unavailable in Singapore.