Noticeboard Usage

The noticeboard in the homepage of are for tenants to freely advertise their free activities, trial programs, promotions, pop-up events or anything of interest that they would like to share. In order to participate you will have to be invited to hold an “Author” account on the website via email where you can then login via the backend link The interface is fairly simple, but if you need help there is official manual and also me.

In order to utilize the noticeboard, there is a quid pro quo. The exchange is adding the link at your contact/location/how to get there sections on your website/linktree/info page. The objective is to help boost the website’s SEO and visibility, benefiting the project and everyone in the process! (Adding a simple description complementing the link will be great but optional)

How Do I Use The Noticeboard?

Once an account is set up, you should fill up your profile first.

In the lower left sidebar, click Your Profile

You should upload your business's profile image and your business name as the Full Name.

In the left sidebar, click Posts or the + to create a new post

Once your profile is filled up, you can go to Posts and start creating your first noticeboard post.

The Post Title of your post will be what is displayed at the noticeboard. Please keep it short and make it clear to achieve the best results. The "Begin writing your post..." area is where your content will live in and you can also upload images to your post.

Use the "Noticeboard" tag only

The most important thing before you publish your post is to set the "Noticeboard" tag.  Do not use any other tag that you may see!

Do Not Spam The Noticeboard

You are allowed to have 1 noticeboard post running at a time. Once your content on your post has run its course/expired, you are expected to either unpublish your post or delete it your post entirely.

Unpublish via the top right corner, or delete post at the bottom of the right sidebar

Don’t See Your Post On The Noticeboard?

The website randomizes which posts to feature everyday. If there are more than 20 posts, the rest will fall in a secondary view that will show everything posted on the noticeboard.

Maintain Your Post Privileges.

When your trial or promotion program has ended, take down your post by erasing the content of your post and saving it as blank. Do not leave stale information on the website. If you are unable to do this, you should not use the noticeboard.

Guidelines exist to serve humans, but they are not all-encompassing. If you try to abuse or take advantage of the system and go against the spirit of this project, I will remove you.

You Son Of A B-, I’m In.

DM your email address that you will use for logging in to the website via the Instagram @195pearlshillterrace. You’ll get an invitation via email to facilitate the sign up process.