Tattmepapi #02-40

Tattmepapi is a unique tattoo studio that offers a special experience called the Tattoo Buffet. For only $280, customers can enjoy a 60-minute session where they can get as many tattoos as they desire. The time spent on actual tattooing is maximized as stencilling time is excluded from the buffet. If additional time is needed beyond the initial 60 minutes, customers have the option to extend the session in 30-minute slots for an additional cost of $100.

Tattmepapi's Tattoo Buffet is a one-of-a-kind offering that sets it apart from traditional food and liquid buffets. It provides customers with the opportunity to get multiple tattoos within a set timeframe at a fixed price. The studio ensures that the time spent on tattooing is maximized by excluding the stencilling process from the allotted 60 minutes. Those who require more time can extend their session by paying an additional fee.