The Story So Far

tl;dr: Skip to the last story card for the latest updates on 195 PHT.
This is a living document of the story so far at 195 PHT. The whole story is separated into story cards for easier reading. These stories are something of an oral history from the perspective of Raymond Luo, creative director at Clink Clank Clunk, whom entered the space in 2021 and has had conversations with many past and current tenants of 195 PHT.


What Maketh A "Creative Arts Enclave"?

The Creative Class: 2020 to 2023-ish

An Era Of Creative Commercial Exploration And Experimentation

A Better Soul for Singapore: Late 2023 to Early 2024

Minister of Law K. Shanmugam Makes A Visit To 195 PHT

Manifest Destiny: Early 2024

Is 195 PHT Worth Trying To Saving?

Since Minister of Law K. Shanmugam's visit to 195 PHT, the relevant agencies have been making an assessment on 195 PHT. Singapore Land Authority (SLA) had also extended the lease on 195 PHT for another year, to March 2026.

Is that it? I hope not. I believe that the additional year is an a stop-gap measure for the continued, longer assessment on 195 PHT. Refreshing the website and socials is my own independent effort to facilitate the ongoing assessment by recording and broadcasting our activities in a central location.

To what end, one might ask? Well K. Shanmugam said asked the relevant agencies to:
  • assess the lease; and
  • find alternatives for the tenants of 195 PHT.
Whether we get either or both options would depend on the assessment by the agencies of our value and the service we provide to the community. It is my hope that we get both options. A further 3-5 year extension of the lease on 195 PHT and when it is absolutely required for 195 PHT to be claimed back to the government for new township duties, a relocation to an alternative location for the tenants of 195 PHT. I hope to explore these options and work directly with the relevant agencies to facilitate this process.

But to answer the existential question of whether 195 PHT is worth saving? I think so. In whichever way the confluence of conditions (highlighted in the Prologue and The Creative Class stories) came together create a prominent creative arts enclave. 195 PHT has become an ecosystem of original ideas and experimentation for novel businesses to foment. Ideas are tested in real life conditions where natural selection creates stronger businesses out of good ideas and even stronger resolve to succeed.

Maximum Effort: Present Day 2024

Where Do We Go From Here


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